Finding Myself Here

It’s 12:06 and I’m early for a 12:30. That’s what happens when you decide to jump in the pool, you show up before the pool even opens. I’m here. Did God bring me here or am I here on my knees seeking God? I’m sitting in a beautiful sanctuary in a wet suede coat. 

Yes, there’s the matter of the wrong coat and no umbrella on a downpour day; for the second day in a row. I didn’t know rain or this meeting was in the forecast for today. I stepped out into it with no looking back. 

On the other side—

The meeting was interesting and I absolutely felt like I was supposed to be there. It was as if I embarked on an engaging group trip. I felt welcomed and perfectly natural being there. 

I was totally about the journey but, I felt like I dragged in a grossly overpacked suitcase. I wanted to unzip and begin pulling things out. Except, the rule was only one outfit at a time, with limited accessories. The one minute arm went up before I knew it. 

Come back again; it works. Yes, I’ll come back again; my load already felt lighter. 


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