Who’s My Go To?

The women’s ministry at our church asked my mom, daughter and to give an intergenerational talk about our faith legacy. My mom is 82 and my daughter is 22 and I am smack in the middle with nearly a 30 year difference between both. 

The talk is a few weeks away still, but my daughter is receiving this call to speak on the heals of a powerful sermon she delivered yesterday. So, she’s already praying on direction and her place is the message. She called me with a thought that we could each share our point of view about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. She felt like Jesus was her best friend and wanted to share about how that shapes her daily walk. She felt like I was more shaped by the Holy Spirit. And I guess my mom would speak about the Father. 

  • I found the concept of talking about the connection and innergenerational legacy of the Trinity could be an interesting discussion. However, I wasn’t to sure I wanted to solely focus on the Holy Spirit. 

I honestly feel like Father God has always been and is today, my Go To. You see, before I knew Jesus was my friend, loved me unconditionally and died for my sins, I spoke to God, I wrote to God. I simply knew God was there. I had a sense that He was a constant companion. 

I feel like somehow my parents, my family gave me that understanding and comfort.  I didn’t understand the power of the Holy Spirit and develop a sense to receive its guidance, until my adult life. 

As a mother, I find that I show my kids the strength and clarity that comes with knowing God, Jesus and receiving the Holy Spirit. I show them in my daily walk. And I pray that the Holy Spirit speak to them in a way that they can hear. 

I feel in my heart that if they know the Lord they will never be alone. If they know Jesus, they will know that their life will have light and purpose. And if they have the Holy Spirit, they will walk in accordance with God’s will. 


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