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Living by Faith and Enjoying the Journey

Fresh Eyes

It’s been an exhausting week. I spent last weekend celebrating my 54th birthday with my circle of friends. Late nights; lots of laughs; way too much to drink; a youthful state of mind; no regrets.

I’ve spent the week watching my lilies open up; more spectacular by the day. On Friday, I walked through the Grand Central Market soaking in the color.

Such a blessing to see life in full color with fresh eyes.


I Heard Him

“I heard him.” That’s what keeps playing in my head. I just feel so thankful that I heard him. Yes, thank you Lord for sparing from my own preoccupation. I heard him. I almost didn’t. In fact, I didn’t at first or I did, but it didn’t break through the clutter of my mind at first. His words were like a gum ball slowly making its way down to the open slot and the waiting hand. But, no, actually I wasn’t expecting his words or his presence at all. I walked pass him without the slightest acknowledgment. I had my food, a late lunch that was more timely as an early dinner. I sat down ready to dig in, just when his words broke through. A light bulb went on — he was hungry and asked me to buy him a piece of chicken. As if in my head, I had qualifiers, I said he wasn’t panhandling. He wanted a meal. I got up from my table and approached him. I asked him what he wanted. He just wanted chicken from Chirping Chicken. This was for me, a call to action. My son was standing at the counter waiting for his order. When I tagged my son in, to speak with the man and place an order for him, he too received it as a call to action. No questions asked; no hesitation, my son eagerly connected with the man.

When you hear it; you hear it. And you simply know.

After the man received his order he walked over to my table. Thanked me and shook my hand. He was pleasant, respectful and relieved. I couldn’t tell if he was homeless or a laborer who came up short for money for food. He didn’t sit in our dining area, he went upstairs. Who he was as or what came next for him didn’t matter. I just felt thankful that I heard him.

Counting My Blessings

So many beautiful sights along my morning walk. Counting my blessings step by step. Among the greatest of all — the opportunity to embrace another day. 

Thank you, Lord. You are awesome! 

Take Off the Storm Gear

When you find yourself still wearing the storm gear long after your storm is over. When you find yourself fighting the water when it’s actually receded enough to wade through. When you find yourself in a lost in the woods panic, neglecting to notice that there are trail markers insight. When you lay in bed with the covers over your eyes, afraid of the darkness; even after you’ve made it through the night.

I’ve been there. I remember when my husband was birthing his audiobook production of Pete Seeger the Storm King. It was a financial storm, a hairpin learning learning curve in many levels. It was just one of those storms that feels like dark, relentless sideways rain that sort of starts when you’re just walking through life. And I remember when we could see clearer; there was still that feeling of being in a storm so long that it becomes more natural to be in a struggle or to have low visibility for the steps ahead. I’ve had to tell myself and my husband that we’re out of the storm. We are in brighter days — we can reach, restore and realize. The storm doesn’t last forever.

Likewise, there are day to day struggles and consuming circumstances that make us feel like we’re drowning or lost in the woods. Sometimes it’s impossible to unravel and sort out. Sometimes it takes time. But, sometimes it’s a state of mind and we’re so overthinking and freaking out that we don’t see that we’re not lost in the woods, we’re on a trail with lots of trail markers. That the only overcommitted reality is what we’ve twisted in our mind.

Sometimes God has already taken care of things and He’s waiting for us to get up and walk.

Then Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” John 5:8. NIV

Look up from your life.

Reaching for Light

Maybe it’s the misty weather. Maybe it’s the way the clouds are hanging over the mountain. Maybe it’s just a Monday after the time change.

I feel like I want to turn up my light. I feel like I need to draw near to my energy source — hear what the Lord has to say to me, get an extra dose of the peace that only He can give. And I want to pour it out into my day.

I want to touch others with what He gives me. I want to shine bright. I want my presence, my words, my actions to make a difference in some way for someone. I’m writing this right now, because I want my light to touch light and be light. I want it to touch another and they another.

I opened my daily, devotional, My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers. I turned to November 4th, absentmindedly thinking I was reading November 6th. The scripture at the top of the page spoke to my soul — “Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you.” James 4:8.

Yes, that’s it exactly.

Organic Chemistry

I’m fast approaching 54 and I’m amazed at how God continues to shape my life. It’s a journey indeed. If anyone thinks there supposed to hold their breath until they reach their destination, they’re sadly denying the opportunity to embrace all that’s passing them by. I believe without question that life is about the “taste and see” experience the journey offers. As if life were like the “Twelve Days of Christmas” I believe God has a gift for us each day. I’m not saying we like every gift or understand the meaning, value or reason for every gift. But, like the song, “my true love…” — my Constant Companion, my Lord and Savior shows me nuggets, rays of light and blesses me everyday. Somedays, what I receive is the understanding of a gift He gave me some time before. There are also times when the gift He has for me is a gift I can give to someone else. Yes, there are times when I feel blessed to be a blessing.

I am writing this now, because I feel compelled to talk about the gift of friendship. And the friendships we are blessed to develop along life’s journey. I find it most curious how we can cross paths with someone and instantly connect and feel so familiar or that their presence is timely.

I don’t know much about chemistry. I took it, I struggled; I passed. But, I remember doing experiments where we mixed chemicals together and some neutralized; some became extremely acidic; others were explosive. I never to organic chemistry — I wasn’t that smart or interested. But, I know it has to do with natural properties and living things. Well, I’ve found that some of my friendships happen very organically. And there’s very much a chemistry in effect. It’s the sort of organic chemistry produced healing properties, nurturing values, or can be as revitalizing as Miracle Gro or even be as calming as a cup of chamomile tea. One of those friendships that comes out of nowhere, like God’s Grace. And you simply know it when you see it. It’s the sort of thing that it’s not about what we’re looking for, it’s what God wants us to find.

For me, I’ve found that God does this organic chemistry thing at different seasons in my life. As I reflect on this now, I can tell I’m walking through that type of season again. I feel God saying look I’m doing a new thing. It’s sort of interesting, cool and refreshing at the same time.

In this season of meeting new friends, as well as enjoying friendships old and new, I celebrate the fact that God is the most incredible natural chemist.

Victory Lap

I was walking my dog this morning feeling overjoyed that today is Friday. Probably a little early for a victory lap, but I was certainly reflecting on all that I accomplished. I’m not an overachiever with a productivity tracking chart or goals checklist. I sort of take life as it comes and my day to day is an ever-changing dynamic.

I feel like I spend my day switching roles— one minute I’m Mom standing in the sideline of my kids life. The next minute I’m joined at the leg with my husband in a three legged race. Since I seemed to spend more time at work than anywhere, I’m usually juggling these roles while I’m cooking up Deals and Getaways. It’s a crazy thing, but I absolutely thankful that I have a job that doesn’t feel like work; that has so many gray areas of passion and know how.

The constant in all of this is the hand I keep on the pulse of my inner spirit. I honestly can’t do anything without being in-tune with my personal connection with the Lord and His guidance. As I write this now, I’m guessing that it probably seems sad or alarming that in my primary day to day mix, I didn’t mention the hats that I where for relationships or myself.

I guess this is where my time management issues and the imperfections with my divvy come to light. Beyond my mom and Mom-in-law, I honestly don’t allow enough cultivating time for friendships and family relationships.

Everyday is different when it comes to that. I have local best friends that I don’t see, call or text regularly. I love my sister beyond words, but we both miss the mark on connecting regularly. Some friends make my radar more than others because their on Facebook. Others text or stop by with an SOS flag. I love deeply and I trust that my  rickety of friends and family know that — even if we don’t connect day by day. 

As for putting on the hat of my own desire, caring for myself or my me time: I think writing this on the train right now, is my sweet spot.

As I walked Jaco, I thought about all of this. I thought about the number of times this week that I negotiated with my kids. I tried to recall the number of impromptu life lesson stories I shared. The teaching moments, the coaching through, cheering. And the laughter on the lifeline. Our ongoing group text, a stream of laughing with them; laughing at them and being laughed at.

I thought about the week of moments with my husband a mixed bag of petty arguments about toilet tissue, turning the heat on, pulling up the covers, over feeding the turtles…in a flash I see the mix of acts of kindness, passion, laughter, heart to heart chats, tag teaming… Our blessed three-legged race.

This is my life. This is my early Friday victory lap. Thank you Lord.

From My Window Seat

I could easily get off the train at nearly any Hudson Line station. I imagine myself doing work emails from a riverfront park bench. What better inspiration would I need to develop Metro-North Deals & Getaways? 

I think the best view for a peak foliage scene is from Yonkers Station. There’s a landing that extends out on the river, directly across from the Palisades. Sorry, I don’t have a picture from there. I only see it each day, when we pass through the station. I would have to be on a local and get off the train. Oh, how I would love to take that short walk. I know for sure and for certain, I would not get back on the next train or even the one after that. I would have to find a good spot for coffee and an egg sandwich. I would love to sit by the river with a strong cup of coffee. 

As I write this, we are quickly approaching Harlem-125th. The dreamy idea of getting off at a riverfront stop are adrift. I’ve conceded and will begin to prepare my taste buds for my sliced apple and mini container of peanut butter. I’ll pick up my work phone and check email. And I’ll pray that I don’t have any conference calls scheduled. I’ll be really annoyed with myself if I’ve scheduled calls, instead of making a date to be out in the field. 

Blue sky, the Hudson River and fall foliage — savor the scene. 

The Possibility of Tomorrow

I think one of the things moms do is help their kids get excited and believe in the promise of tomorrow. There’s so much that can happen tomorrow. There’s so many gifts and possibilities that can come with the gift of tomorrow. 

Before you go nuts because it seems that I’m suggesting that moms are teaching their kids to put all of their eggs in tomorrow’s basket. No, that’s only half of the life lesson. It’s about making the most of their today; reaching, pouring, pushing, believing in all that today can be. And knowing that it’s the foundation of their tomorrow. 

Believing in tomorrow’s breakthroughs, opportunities, new experiences, answers, next steps, open doors. Tomorrow could offer the hand of grace. Like a child who seems to grow overnight, tomorrow can show a strength and clarity that wasn’t there the day before. 

Moms teach children to embrace tomorrow; to look forward to their tomorrow. They learn to walk one step at a time; to live one day at a time. And to believe that each step, each day is full of promise and possibility.

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