Salt and Light

We are called to be — A foghorn, breaking through a sea of negative thoughts. Light, filling a dark room. The voice of hope, for someone who feels stuck in the deepest well. A living testament, with a story of love and grace to share. Shine on!

Fairy Tale Love

I took a walk this morning contemplating love. I reflecting on the beautiful, truly girl’s dream come true bridal shower that I went to yesterday, where you could feel love dance around the room. The theme was Disney Fairy Tale movies, the center pieces were in the theme of Little Mermaid, the gift cookies had…

Singing and Praying for Love

If I could sing like Jessica Cleaves, I would sing Earth Wind & Fire’s “I’d Rather Have You” to my husband. It’s been my love song, love story to him ever since we fell in love. And that’s been for more than half of my life. Check out the lyrics: Of all the loves I’ve…

Hanging On

I repotted a plant in my office into a beautiful utensil jar and almost immediately all, but two of the leaves fell off. A plant that had been thriving as a clipping in water for several months seemed to instantly reject rich soil. The top two leaves remained. I sat an watched the plant in…

Beacon Art is Home

Sure I could go to the mall, but the feel good is an easy hop on our Main Street.

Touched by Winter

Frozen finger tips. Capturing an ever changing natural-scape. Winter’s toll.

Inside the Light of an Artist

Howland Cultural Art Center, Beacon New York BLACK HISTORY MONTH ART EXHIBIT The best part of going to an art opening is to be able to steal a minute with the artist and talk 1 on 1 about their art.Loved looking at each piece with Kyra Husbands. Kyra’s work is so interpretive. I looked at…

I See You God

Seeing Him this morning, vividly warm. Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Luke 11:9 (ESV)

The Marriage Tree

24 years ago, my husband and I had a few sessions of marriage counseling before we got married. It was a ministerial prerequisite and even though we’d been living together for a couple of years, we welcomed the minister’s advice. He talked a lot about unconditional love, open communication and being realistic about marriage not…

I am Joseph

The Women’s Ministry at my church gathered to create personal vision boards for 2018. I missed the exercise because I was out of town. When I realized I was going to miss it, I thought perhaps I would at least spend some time searching my heart to visualize my 2018. I imagined that I would…

A Puzzle Until the Morning

Why try to figure it out tonight? I hold my puzzle pieces in outstretched hands to God. Lord, you gave me all that I have. These pieces, according to your perfect plan. I trust your perfect alignment. And Lord, I can wait until the morning.

Watching Soup Happen

When I was a little girl, I used to go sit in the coat closet when my household or my siblings overwhelmed me. I didn’t feel frustrated or angry, I just needed a chill zone. I thought about that last night when I found myself watching a pot of boiling veggies and chicken become soup….