About Window Seat Faith

I do a lot of my writing from my window seat on the train. Totally inspired by scenery on the Metro-North’s Hudson Line. Most often, I’m writing about my faith walk.

Like a long train ride, with many mileposts, I have to look outside myself and reflect on the journey. Sometimes I say, I’ve come this far by faith. Other times, I feel like I need to refuel or recharge to build up my faith for an uphill climb.

From my window seat, I’m able to reflect and share. It’s may be my life journey, but others are on similar roads! There’s so much renewable strength when we open ourselves to be a living testimony.

You won’t find me doing any “How To” tutorials here, in know way do I have all the answers. Honestly, sometimes it’s the writing that I do on the train that helps me have the clarity to do what I need to do when I reach my stop. When I write, I clearly see how God is both working on me and through me. When I look out the window; when I look outside of myself I see light. And I want I share.

Light is meant to be shared and passed on; to bless others.

I will keep you and will make you to be a covenant for the people and a light for Gentiles, to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness. Isaiah 42:7


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  1. Parul Thakur says:

    I also love the word layer and how many connotations we can associate to it. Glad to find you this and this blog. I will see you around 🙂


    1. Hey! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to look around! It’s been several weeks since I’ve thought about writing in my little corner of the world. That’s what this blog spot feels like.

      Happy to connect with you and will certainly check out your work.



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