Window Seat Faith

Living by Faith and Enjoying the Journey

God Showed Up

We took turns laying on the bench to look up at the vividly blue sky and yellow leaves. With our arms stretched from my chair in the sun and his chair in the shade, we held hands. He moved to sit on a rock at the shore and I followed.

We watched as a glistening spot in the middle of the river, traveled in a path that lead directly to us. It sparkled like fireworks going off in the water. If we were high we would have thought we were tripping. But, we were very much clear and living in the moment. We were certain it was God, showing up, just for us.

I said, “I want us to grow old together.” He said, “we are — you may not realize it, but we really are.”

Staring Back at Me

I Made the Train

I keep having this wave of excitement and this snooze alarm realization that I made the train. I’m looking out the window, doing my thing with emails and scrolling through FB and my mind bubbles up again, I made the train. Such a nutty sense of excitement and satisfaction, about a simple accomplishment.

It wasn’t a life or death thing. I’m not playing beat the clock for an early meeting. I didn’t have to run and I even had enough time to walk up to the head car.

Maybe it’s the chill in the air and the exhilarating pep in my step. As a mater fact, I’m also feeling extremely pleased with myself for selecting the right jacket for today. This October morning finds me snuggled up at my window seat with my fleece-lined corduroy jacket still snapped. And why do I have one hand in my pocket?

It’s one of those days when 90% of success is about making the train.  I’m on my way to work, in motion and one step closer to the weekend.


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