My Lazy Sunday Gaze

If I were in Newport Beach, I would get up and walk across the street to the beach in my play clothes (my flip flops, I❤️NY t-shirt, and stained yoga pants. I think I have just enough energy to walk across the street to the beach. 

No, I’m here, on the Hudson River side of the country. I don’t have enough energy to get in my car and take a drive. That just requires more brain power than I want to exert. I don’t think I have it. I’ve taken a nap, had a glass of wine and the back porch is as good as it gets. 

I’m lounging in a love seat with my daughter. If we dash right now we could catch the sunset. If we dash right now, we could have ice cream before dinner. It all sounds wonderful, but it’s Sunday. It will soon be Monday, we’ll be tagged back in the rat race. Rest and chill time are now or never. 

From where I sit, I see angels and light. 

This view and my carved space in time give me perfect peace.


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