God Moves

Captured moments can be really important. If your mind starts to dilute or delete the feeling or impact of a single moment in time, sometimes a picture can speak volumes and fill us up over and over again.

​When I look at these pictures from our arrival at Newport Beach a month and a half ago, they will forever be a visual testimony of how God moves. Our California vacation was totally Spirit lead, pieced together both financially and logistically. God showed me the way, lined it up. It was a humbling experience, no major cash flow or jackpot vacation. Yet, spiritually, it was overflowing and beyond measure. 

This moment of walking onto the beach, after checking into the Newport Beach Best Western, across the street. Was like the Israelites reaching the promise land after crossing the desert. We’d just driven from Las Vegas. 

And prior to our 24 hours on the Strip, we’d been through my daughter’s Baruch College graduation at Barclay Center, where there were so many graduates that we couldn’t spot our daughter seated with the Marketing School of Business graduates — even with her hand-painted graduation cap. Then my son’s senior prom, followed by his graduation, just 48 hours before we left for vacation. 

We felt like we crawled on the plane from New York. 

Walking on the beach, I felt like God was saying, “see, this is what I wanted to show you.” My family of five felt it too. Our arrival, just at sunset, was also part of the logistics that God lined up. The itinerary that I had been sketching out in my journal book was totally in effect. 

As I was planning the vacation and while we were in California, I could hear the Lord telling me, “do what you can, I’ll do the rest. He said trust and walk; walk and trust.”

I walked on the beach and felt like I had taken my family on a leap of faith. God has been talking to me. My husband and kids trusted me, because I trusted the Lord. They were along for the ride. I was Noah in the ark with my family. We walked across the sand, with God’s trail of seashells.

I look at these God moves today and cling to this testament. I need it because our plate is staked with all sorts of challenges and day to day obligations. 

God did not leave us on the beach. He continues to move. I have to listen close and hear him say, “trust and walk; walk and trust.”


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  1. Yvette Limerick says:

    Thank you for sharing. I like trust and walk, walk and trust. God will do the rest

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