Eye Candy

I popped a bag of Act II microwave popcorn before I left the office. I tucked it in my bag to munch on the train. I felt smart and disciplined. That was the big side of my state of mind. The better side of me, held the bag for dear life — knowing it was as good as it would get the day before payday.

I was making great time, heading to my favorite express train, until I decided to at least let my eyes indulge in other snack options. I decided, I could look; I could blow through the market and enjoy some of my favorite eye candy.

There's never a quick trip into the Grand Central Market, especially during the after work rush. It's part the crowd and part the vibrant market atmosphere. My shoulders drop, snd I totally immerse myself into all that my eyes see — seasonal items, newly baked items, fresh flowers and shoppers sampling slices of meat and cheese before finalizing their order.

Before I knew it, I was talking to customers, counter staff and taking pictures. So much eye candy, why to at least take a few pictures to share? Needless to say, I missed my express train; sidetracked in the Grand Central Market.

Cheers, buttered popcorn on a local train. No regrets.


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