I keep listening to the same CD over and over. It's contemporary Christian music. I hear influences of old school R&B, flashes of Stevie Wonder, Kool and the Gang , Marvin Gaye and other artists who are the fabric of my soul.

There's one cut in particular, that I feast on. If it were lotion I would slather it all over, repeatedly and have the softest skin. If it were a container of ice cream, I would stand in front of the freezer with a spoon in my hand, having just "one more" spoonful.

No, it's not lotion or ice cream. These days, I regard Flamingo, by Christon Gray as living water for my unquenchable soul.

On any given day, I find myself writing or reading, with my earbuds in my ears, listening to Flamingo. And shamelessly, I sometimes mouth the bridge,

"I'm standing through my setbacks, unmovable and steadfast. I am unmovable."

And I love Verse 2:

Hey there weary Christian, you were stronger the day before
This song I wrote to ask you, "What are you waiting for?"
Lift up the head that’s hanging low, strengthen the feeble knees
You've got a world to conquer
Conquer with love and kindness – Show it to every man
Are you ready for persecution? You're gonna have to stand
Learn how to run away from evil, then you will understand
Take up your cross and follow
Don't worry about tomorrow, it may not ever come
Stand up and stop complaining, there’s work that must be done
You are the called and chosen
Stand on the word of God and you shall not be moved!

It ministers to me. I receive it ad living water that encourages me; empowers me. To stand strong, have bold faith, and to share with purpose.

Featured art by Valarie Haynes


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