Fueled by the Sun

Heading home, I found myself glued to the window, as if the sun was calling me. I looked around the train car and other passengers were slumped over in their seats in deep nods, others entertained by the phones. And there were some nutty passengers standing up waiting for the first express stop — with about 20 minutes to spare. 

I seemed to be the only one, beckoned by the sun. I couldn’t resist it; it felt like it was pouring peace into my spirit. Peace, that I so desperately needed. I’d had a busy work day, with a power meeting that required me to be in the city by 8. 

And I had to talk business etiquette with my daughter, who was having a teaching moment on her first job out of college. Exchange text with my youngest son, who wanted to going fishing in the reservoir on top of Mount  Beacon, after getting his hair cut and before going to football practice. 

Somewhere in between work conversations and emails, I went dorm gear shopping via phone with my college bound son. As he strolled through Target, selecting an twin XL bed in the bag, towels, laundry baskets……… 

I had 6 miss calls on my cell when I stepped away from my desk to have an extended conversation with my boss (what was I thinking? I forgot that I was shopping!) My son was ready to head to the check out line. He had his tally and needed me to transfer money into his account. 

And in between the kids and work, there were calls from my husband, slowly melting down as he struggled to cope with the realization that my son would be leaving for school in less than 24 hours. No doubt I got on the train feeling like a picked over tossed salad. 

No doubt I clung to the window, captivated by the sun as an energy source in more ways than one. I felt like the dynamics of the sun and clouds were like experiencing fluid art. It was God’s show for my therapeutic reward. 

I got off the train so mellow, I think I glided to my car. The Lord knew I needed the sun. That lifeline of peace gives me the clarity to know that I will be able to get my family and my son’s belongs loaded into the truck and into his dorm by noon tomorrow.  


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