My Blog Spot — come as you are

A playhouse, that’s what my blog spot feels like to me. I feel like I come to my blog to write; where my thoughts are free to play. I usually don’t know what I’m going to write other times I have a urgent voice. 
I’m happy in my blog spot, like the little girl in me preparing for a tea party with mud pies and a tossed grass and dandelion blossom salad. Then I sit, waiting for friends to stop by. I send out invites, tags of key words that send up welcome flags. Then I sit, in my blog sot with the lights on high. 
My blog spot has an open invite. There’s an open door to come as you are, swing by when you can… And feel free to tell a friend. Sometimes I find visitors come when I’m sleeping. I haven’t a worry, I’ve said my prayers that my set table will be a feast for anyone who may come for a nibble or a feast. It’s my blog spot; my playhouse — uniquely reflecting my light as the Lord has designed. 
I get dizzy when I think about how many others have blogs. It would be easy to give up when no one comes to visit. Understandably, we all get lots of invites. 
Then I step back into my blog spot and the words that come are undeniable. The Lord, reminds me that His feast doesn’t have a expiration date. 

He tells me to keep the lights on. So, here I am.


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  1. Wow you continue this journey, Donna. Your words are so soothing. I will follow your Journey.
    Peace, Clomax


    1. Thank you! Your feedback and follow means a lot.


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