The heckler

 Every now and then, the heckler show up in my head kicking dirt on my spirit. The voice of criticism; the ping of impatience. 

So, I have to be really candid and share that most times I walk into an empty elevator and have a quiet moment with Jesus. I’ll give him a shout out of thanks or ask Him to turn up my light a notch. And even, when I walk into the bathroom and close the door behind me, I often ask the Lord, to continue to lead and guide me. I remind Him that I know that I’m walking through the day by His steam. 

Randomly or possibly at times when I’m not mindful or if I let my full plate get the best of me, the voice of discontent breaks out. As if my faith walk is a stage act in my mind, there’s a random comment about the value of my light or how I’m walking. Comments like, “really, how is that going to work?” 

I literally, roll my eyes when the voice pops up. It’s annoying, the heckler doesn’t have a lot of space to break through. I have a short attention span for the nonsense because I keep my mind busy with family, work and other passions. More than anything I know the voice of the Holy Spirit and my ear is tuned accordingly. 

Don’t let the heckler in your mind —knock you off life’s stage. Stay connected to your inner light. 


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