I keep having this vision, slightly incomplete but very symbolic of Ironman doing something heroic and then malfunctioning and crashing. I can’t remember the movie or exactly the scene. But, I feel that’s me landing after an incredible leap of faith. 

I feel like I have the whole trust the Lord thing down to take the leap. And the experience in midair is powerful as all get out. But, boy do I have to work on my landing. It’s like doing the high jump without strong ankles. It’s like dancing in high heels all night and trying to get out of bed the next day. 

I’m stumbling, I came in too fast, I didn’t prepare my crash pad, I’m trying to get up but the waves keep sucking the sand out from under me. 

The more I stumble the more I write. God keeps filling me up with a voice to write. Writing is the only way I can defend myself against the sense that I’m stumbling through day to day challenges. God shows up in my writing, empowering me to not only cope with what’s in front of me, but giving me the desire to share. 

I refuse to crash and burn, for the simple fact that I know in my heart that God wants me to get stronger. 

I may stumble, but my head is to the sky.