The Origami King’s Prayer Box

YouTube is his teacher and I call him the Origami King. Before he got his job at Glazed Over Donuts, folding boxes and decorating donuts, he was my commissioned Origami artist. He was so awesome and so about it that I made him a Facebook page. 

He folded all the way to Baltimore for his Uncle Steven and Aunt Hannah’s wedding reception table favors. He cranked out magical Origami stars for his sister graduation party decorations and favors. The whole family painted and threaded each star. I have friends who still have the stars hanging in their car or kitchen windows 
He even started getting promotional items in the mail with his start-up business name on it! I asked him if he wanted to order give away pens with “Favor My Table” on them. I smiled and imagined the possibilities. He looked at me like I was pushing it. 

But, then, he turned 14 and I couldn’t get my son to fold a single piece of paper. It was fun while it lasted and maybe I pushed it. I was always like the gallery owner reminding the artist of the fast approaching date for the art show. Nudging for their muse to kick in.

Maybe it was the 60 Origami prayer boxes for our Christmas Eve Open House favors. I had the stacks of paper on the kitchen table. And they would show up on the back porch table, convenient for folding while watching TV. 

Christmas Eve was huge for our family. Everyone was welcome and I never knew how many people would actually show up. I asked for 60 because it seemed like a safe bet for the time like and pretty extreme for people in the house. 

I tried to get him to fold without counting. Fold without a care; fold because it rolls off of you easily; fold because Christmas makes you happy; fold the prayer boxes will be a blessing… Night after night I tried. Sometimes it worked sometimes my words “rolled off of him.” 

As he cranked them out, sometimes fast; sometimes slow, I put a mini notebook and a pen in each one. I then, lovingly arranged them around the windows along the three walls of the back porch. They were very much apart of the room’s holiday splendor. The Christmas lights in the windows, the Christmas tree with many hand crafted and traditional ornaments. Including the King’s Origami. 

On Christmas Eve, i gave out the boxes and explained, how to open them, tuck away prayers, jot down dreams and scriptures… I talked about my son, the Origami King, making my vision a reality. Our friends and family were touched. We watched them walk out as if they were gifted with a love chest. It was my prayer that their prayers would be treasured. 

On the surface, he cranked out the boxes to satisfy my nag. But I know my son, beneath his contrary exterior, he was folding with a lot of heart and love. Every time he gave or displayed his art he was openly sharing his amazing gift; his ability to create beautiful art. There is much light and love, fold by fold. 

He’s a working guy now, no longer a “complicated artist. But, if you ever happen to see him at Glazed Over Donuts, his first parr time job, you may find that he actually folds the donut boxes with that same kind of love. 

Find something you love to do and do it with passion. 


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