Life’s Crossword Puzzle

I was pulllng out of the supermarket parking lot, waiting for the traffic to clear. I found myself saying, “I have a new washer and Oji’s going to college.” They were two totally unrelated items on my checklist of “stuff” and they randomly came to mind at the same time. I swirled the two around in my mind for a second and I knew clearly they were proof that God was doing His thing. And I was grateful. 

The washing machine had been a need since before we left for vacation. In fact our old machine flooded the basement, not once by twice, right after I bought the airline tickets for the first leg of our vacation. I took it as a sign that our faith was being tested or that the devil was trying to fill us with regret and panic. As if the whole vacation thing, the financial commitment, was going to be a fail. I didn’t let it shake me. At first I was trying to figure out how to squeeze a new washer into our budget. And then Jeff and I decided to do without until we were back from vacation. 

Oh, but when we got back from vacation we were over whelmed for a flash, but the reality that was waiting for us. The broken washing machine was stacked with the first tuition installment payment for my son’s first year due. Moreover, there were even other pressing bills on top of one wedged between them. 

Yes, but pulling out of the parking lot, I knew the rest of the puzzle would fill in. God doesn’t have way do things. I thought about an engaging conversation I had the night before with a new found friend. (I think it’s really cool that I can be nearly 54 and still make new friends.) This friend was a brilliant artist, we hit it off instantly. To the point where I didn’t even catch her name. We were just on and talking and when I met her husband I didn’t get his name either because I immediately knew who he was because the familiarity was naturally established. 

Well my new friend was telling how she’s an avid New York Times crossword puzzle lover, since forever. She used to sneak and do them in her high school English class. Can you believe that?! Sneak, have them on her lap! 

Somehow we touched on French and she said she loves French, but often get stumped with French words pop up on her crossword puzzle because she can’t spell them. She may know the answer, but the spelling is a wash. I asked her if she would do a quick Google or speak the word into her phone. She was quick to say, that would defeat the whole challenge of doing the puzzle. She said she just solves the other related fields, down and across. Eventually the letters of the word fill in. 

I feel like that’s how God works out our lives. Clearly two pieces of the puzzle in place are indicators that the rest of the puzzle will take form. We have to stay faithful, following his lead. Further, as we turn the pages of life, there will be other puzzles and those answers will reveal themselves time after time. 

Thank you, Marcia, my new friend (and your husband Gary)! I totally get it. And, thank you Lord, for providing the answers up, down and across every facet of my life. 


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  1. Janice says:

    Wow, I almost, (well really ) cried. Your words touched a place in my soul. Made somethings in my life clear. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy to know that the message was for you! Often, I feel like I’m writing with an urgency like this message is a mission and must quickly reach and touch.


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