Heaven on Earth

You missed it. Sometimes the view of the Hudson River is so captivating, it surprises me. I look up from my phone and all I can do is soak it in. I honestly thought of taking a picture. I wanted to share it, but I didn’t want to look down at my phone to switch to camera mode. Every second counts when I’m looking from my window seat on Metro-North. 

I spent a week with my family on the California Coast, road-tripping with breathtaking views of the iconic Pacific Coast. It was fun jumping out of the car ever several miles for one backdrop photo opp after another. Some were for selfies, others scenes seemed to be to witness God’s glory. They just seemed to magnificent, in every sense of the word, to fit into our camera lens.

That’s sort of how I feel when I feel when I look at my Hudson River and Storm King Mountain. I feel like I could stretch out my hands and reach. And I think it’s wondrous the way Bannerman Island seems to be smack in the center of the River. 

Amazing to think of how we are truly surrounded by a world of natural wonders. God offers us a slice of heaven. And He gives us a nudge to look up from our busy lives; to enjoy. 


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  1. Hannah Watson says:

    Beautiful Sis,
    Just what I needed to wind down from a crazy busy work day that started at 0800 until just now!
    Thanks this was a blessing. Love you!

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