College Ready — Already?

I’m sending my second off to college. He’s my middle child and I feel very much in the middle of the road. It’s not my first rodeo, so I’m not freaked out about letting go. And we know we can do it because we just danced at our daughter’s graduation from Baruch College in June. But, at the same time I’m in a state of disbelief at how fast our three are growing out of the nest. 

Our washing machine bit the dust and before I could wrap my mind around functioning without it until we purchased a new one, my college-bound guy marched downstairs with laundry in a basket and a bottle of detergent; heading to the laundromat. He didn’t even ask for change. I probably shouldn’t have asked, I mean I knew he could do laundry. He’s been doing his own for some time. But, did he know how to use coin machines? I don’t think he skipped a step when he simply said he would figure it out. 
I’m standing with my hands on my hips like, “I was just sitting in the middle school parking lot crying because I couldn’t help my youngest get through six grade math!” Now, he’s selling pretzels and ice cream in the stands at the minor league stadium. And looking at colleges that have wrestling and accounting. My middle is off and the youngest is on his heels. 

Trust me, I’m not clamoring for them to slow down or to stay put. I love being the mom of young adults. They seem so interesting.  Watching their lives unfold is like unpacking a huge birthday gift bag. They each are learning so much about themselves and stepping to challenges and new experiences. That’s the very cool, upside of what’s happening. 

The downside is my husband and I feel like we want to wrap our arms around them and protect them, but we can’t corral them and the dynamics are such that they seem larger than life for our mommy and daddy arms. In that respect parenting was much easier when you could put up a safety gate to keep them in a safe room in the house. This is a very humbling realty. It keeps us very close to the Lord. 

Our young people are in His hands. We pray they will know His voice, feel His loving protection and most of all — follow His lead. 

Not our way, Lord; Your way. 


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