A Leap of Faith Hangover

Pray up, at the peak of your leap of faith, make sure you’re strong enough to get back down the mountain. 
Pray up. The feeling, after your leap of faith victory dance, can be such a headtrip, a painful ankle roll, a weary walk. 
Pray up. You may feel like you have buyer’s remorse, wondering how you bought into taking the leap. Seems like it came with some challenges on the back end. 
Pray up, because after a leap of faith you’re never the same again. The truth is you don’t go back down the mountain. You continue on, you’re in new terrain. You thought your leap was a one time move. Like a double checker move. But, you’re off the board. You literally stepped up your game. 

Pray up. You reached for more and you got it. Walk the walk. 


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