60 is the New 40

Take a left when you get to the fork!

I feel like I’m standing on a mountaintop of promise. My husband will be 60 next month and he’s going back to college to complete his undergraduate degree in September. When I met him in 1990 he was on the fast track a bank on Long Island, he worked from an entry level position to a six figure salary in the bank’s network control center. 

But, that was just his day job; by night he was an incredibly passionate and talented musician — playing in clubdate bands and Long Island R&B and jazz cover bands. He would wow audiences with his powerfully dynamic solos, playing his congas with his elbows!

From club dates to sitting in with bands in NYC, to occasional weekend gigs away. He found himself at a crossroad, with an opportunity to tour with Peabo Bryson. He took a leave of absence, but the time of turned out to be shorter than the successful four. He found himself at a fork in the road. Would he report to work on Monday AM or repack his bag for the third leg of the Beauty & the Beast Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion tour? What would you do? 

It seemed obvious to me. Life is short and “unanswered life changes becoming nagging woulda, coulda, shoulda replays in our minds forever. Of course, he followed his heart and stepped on stage!

The tour ended and instead of star power rising it felt like a meteor crashing down. But, he didn’t crash. He was on the roller coaster ride of his life with amazing highs, blind curves and lots of thrills and straights of anticipation for what may come next. It was the life of a freelance session and recoding musician. 

Countless world tours later, 200 plus recording credits, a Grammy, an audiobook, 24 years of marriage, 3 kids and two houses later. It’s been a wild ride!

After a series of recent experiences teaching students with autism, he’s discovered another passion and gift. Then there was a chance meeting with a rep from Concordia College. He’s found himself at another fork in the road and he’s taking a left! He’ll pursue an accelerated degree in Behavioral Science. 

Without a doubt, 60 is the new 40. And God has another amazing ride for Jeff Haynes to take. The beat goes on! 

photo by Juan Junco

God writes the most unimaginable life stories. Keep going!


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