One Last Look

One last look from my window seat. Not that the view will be any different two days later, in 2017. But, I totally feel like I have to open my eyes and see God’s beauty; God’s light. 
He wants us to stop and smell the coffee. We can’t always be swept away in the blur of life’s time warp. We have to slow it down in our mind’s eye. 

Even from my train window the images that I capture are often a blur. I delete, delete and study each still moment. Regardless, I say thank you, Lord. I praise him for talking the ride with me. Pointing out all that’s going on eyeshot by eyeshot. Some places the sun breaks through with brilliance and other spots the clouds have their way. 

It frustrates me that my phone can’t capture the colorful outline of the freight trains, on the other side of the river. They’re so amazing to me and endless haul of what, I can hardly imagine. 

I feel it necessary to take a picture of the new bridge. I’m watching history; I’m living history. At the River gets wider and wider, my praise, slips into prayers, and then to meditation. And by Harlem-125th Street, I’m sleep. I force myself to shake off the slumber, then step off the train at Grand Central. I’m ready for my last day of work for the year. 

The peace I have is my constant companion. The Lord is by my side at my window seat and through my daily walk. This is my peace of mind, as I step from year to year. 


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