Feed Them

In September, I elected to be the family dog walker in the morning. I decided to give my sluggish body a good jumpstart in the morning, while giving my teen boys wiggle room to start their school day with one less routine.

As if that’s not enough, I received a text notification from my son, Dirani, “feed my turtles.” I could have fired back a text with a “get lost” response. But, yiu know I choose my battles and when I can I go with the flow. Dirani knows me, I didn’t need to respond. He knows I’ll feed his turtles.  Instead, of the turtles, his request triggered another thought. 

I thought of Jesus, “feed my sheep.”  I don’t remember scripture well, I remember it in my own words or in meaning. God knows that about me. I’m the one who can’t retell a joke. 

But, yes, I remember that Jesus wants us to feed His sheep. And He knows my heart. 


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