Doing the Faith Walk

The faith walk isn’t a funky dance or an easy sidestep. These stories are reflections of my walk as a mom, wife and woman of faith. Walk with me — sometimes it feels like I’m walking a rope with my eyes closed, while carrying a kid that won’t hold on. I feel crazy, but yet I intuitively take the next step. Other times, it feels like I’m skipping down a road; anticipating something exciting.picture1

Other times I’m so weak that I feel like it’s not my walk at all. That’s when it feels like the wind is in my face and I am being pushed back beyond my control.

I move forward, but it is only because I have allowed my weight to lean on the Lord. I share because I know I’m not the only one on this road.

Art Credit:   Morgan Donahue

I pray that this light will shine on and on.


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