Love Your Life

Saying goodbye after a busy family weekend is always hard. Even in the madness of logistics and crisscrossing schedules, we somehow feel like we’re wrapped in a blanket of love. Pulling up to the train station with 10 minutes to spare, I couldn’t help wonder if saying goodbye is easier when you have to run for the train. It’s sort of like ripping the band off in 1-2-3!

Watching Girlie awarkwardly drag her duffle from the back to the front and shove a few miscellaneous items into her oversized shoulder bag, I felt her clinging to the blanket of love. Once out of the truck she closed the door, but her heart poured out through the open window. She complained about having to go straight to the college library when she got off the train. She asked me if I could believe that her group would make a date to meet on a Sunday evening. I simply said, “love your life, Girlie.”

She looked at me uncertain about what there was to love. She actually asked if she should?

I looked at her coiled pumpkin spice hair in the sun, her fly hat and her little girl worry. That little girl worry was fleeting. I knew she would get on the train and get into her zone. And by the time she reach Grand Central she would be so about her life.

I remember being 20 Something, I filled journals full of dreams, worry and amazing experiences. The 20s seemed to be an even mix of all of that and it went so fast. The dreams didn’t necessarily come true; the worries were really just me worrying about the dreams; and the experiences are now a blur. Oh how I wished that I’d relished the experiences, instead of trying to anticipate what was going to happen next.

Yes, love your life, Girlie. Go to your stdudy group and shine bright as the sun that dances in your hair. Then go to your birthright apartment, Brooklyn Girl. Enjoy your colorful sanctuary. Find comfort in the blanket of love that you’re creating for yourself.

As she walked away, I could clearly see that her dreams and worries can’t compare with what God is doing in her life today.

I pulled away, faithfully knowing that hertrain ride was just another leg of her beautiful life journey.


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