I Made the Train

I keep having this wave of excitement and this snooze alarm realization that I made the train. I’m looking out the window, doing my thing with emails and scrolling through FB and my mind bubbles up again, I made the train. Such a nutty sense of excitement and satisfaction, about a simple accomplishment.

It wasn’t a life or death thing. I’m not playing beat the clock for an early meeting. I didn’t have to run and I even had enough time to walk up to the head car.

Maybe it’s the chill in the air and the exhilarating pep in my step. As a mater fact, I’m also feeling extremely pleased with myself for selecting the right jacket for today. This October morning finds me snuggled up at my window seat with my fleece-lined corduroy jacket still snapped. And why do I have one hand in my pocket?

It’s one of those days when 90% of success is about making the train.  I’m on my way to work, in motion and one step closer to the weekend.



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